Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canada Day Weekend and I got the Blues...

I don't know what is wrong with me. Been feeling a particular indigo shade lately and just can't seem to shake it. Poke a stick at your pain and it makes it worse. Sometimes leaving it alone and you can live with it. topic...

This is Canada Day weekend! WOOHOO. Except that it didn't turn out that way. The holiday this year fell on a it was work MTW and off Th, back in F. Weird but got lots of cleaning and laundry done on the holiday. My God I have to GET A LIFE!

After a BBQ supper for two...we went for a drive into the city and stopped in at It's Your Festival in Gage Park. We walked around and checked out the arts and crafts. I really liked some of the garden decorations. There was a cat birdhouse I really liked. Didn't buy, just admired.

Yesterday after a very frustrating day...I baked some Banana Cupcakes. They kinda taste like banana bread but much less dense.

I used this recipe and instead of buttermilk (which I didn't have) I used sour cream:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Canada Day Weekend and to our American Friends - Happy 4th of July!

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