Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a bad blogger I've been. I am so inspired by so any other blogs I read...I really should be more consistent with my entries.

Lately I just seem to have too many things on the go and my energy is so scattered. Do you feel like that too?

I get angry with myself that I'll have 4 books + countless magazines (I am such a magazine junkie) and that I don't manage to finish anything. I've have got to focus more and finish things. I hate that it takes me a year to read a book because I am so scattered.

Can you hear the goals coming:

- finish reading the stockpile of books BEFORE you buy more!
- same with sewing more trips to the fabric store to buy NEW patterns & more Fabric until I've finished the project currently sitting by my machine.
- keep my food the heck can you tell where you're coming off the rails if you don't watch what you're doing!
- up the exercise - doing usually 2 times a week at the gym + walking the odd days...need to get in something/anything on a daily basis. You've got to MOVE IT MOVE IT!
- be thankful every every day. Miss Grumpy pants. You're so blessed - remember that!
- and creative, be interesting, be fun!

Okay...that's what I am working on right now. I'll re-visit and check in to see how I am doing. As was the topic of our last WW Meeting...Knowledge is Power....IF YOU USE IT.

Have a great Saturday!


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