Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a rather gray day outside. But there is a lovely breeze and no humidity. Perfect for turning off the air and opening the windows.

Last weekend was a busy one. We had a BBQ for my Dad on Saturday night. Got to see my nieces and nephews too (they're all so adorable). Sunday morning we were out for a lovely buffet breakfast for my Step-Dad. We went to Barangas-on-the-Beach and sat out on the patio (and cooked ourselves it was so sunny and hot...but hey this is Canada and we have to enjoy it while we can). Then Sunday afternoon we were at my sister-in-law's for a 4th Birthday party for my nephew.

So while I loved spending time with my people, I am very happy to have some "down" time this weekend. Last night I got home from work totally drained from the week. It happens all too often. By Friday night I can't think anymore -- the brain goes mush.

We watched a weird movie last night...Steven King's Dream Catcher. It got a little gross...correction, it got VERY gross! If you walked into a cabin and it had this red fungus growing everywhere, what would you do? I don't mind telling you, I would RUN...wouldn't think twice! I was yelling at the tv....these guys deserve to get their face eaten by an alien. RUN FOREST RUN! lol.

Today I have a pedicure booked for this morning. Thinking french with a flower. Right now they're disco glitter red. I love to have pretty toes. This aft I'll be shopping with my Mom. I just love Saturdays!

I seen a specialist this week and he recommends surgery for my gall bladder. I am nervous because it's SURGERY but from what I hear it's a piece of and out the same day. And I think I will feel a lot better. I had a severe attach in January...I was in terrible pain for a good 12 hours. It started a short while after supper and got so bad that I wasn't able to sleep at all...tossed and turned until at 6am I'd had enough and made Mike take me to the the time I had no idea what was wrong with me. I do not want to go through that pain again and I am told it can happen anytime. So while I am apprehensive...I am starting to seriously think about having it done.

Kind of a mixed entry but that's my life...all mixed up. I wish I had a road map.

Have a lovely weekend.


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