Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've been surfing for great blogs and recipe sites. I actually surf on many interests from cooking, blogging, photography, sewing and scrapbooking. I love the blogs the most! Since I've been keeping journals since forever...I enjoy reading the blogs.

Here are some of my favorite cooking blogs and recipe sites:

Wonderful site, the instructions are broken down (with PICTURES) and it's simple, yummy food...just what I like. The entries are very entertaining and humorous. Lots of other information and stories there too.

Gina's WW Recipes is another web site I enjoy and have successfully made the Potato Leek Soup which was so delicious and simple. Lots of great low cal recipes. The photos are great as well.

Need I say more...everyone knows Grandma's are the best cooks (Mum's too). I love the breakdown of the and instructions are like having a teacher there walking you through. I am a little bit braver to try when it doesn't look so complicated as it sounds.
This is a great site for searching for recipes. I first discovered this web site eons ago...they had a cookie of the day and a spinner -- you spun the spinner and it came up with a random cookie recipe...that had me hooked. They also have a nice feature that you can change the serving size and it will adjust the ingredients list. Plus the reviews are helpful - some folks have tried or added things so you have even more ideas or avoid issues that may have come up.
What I love about this site is that they have all the MILK CALENDER recipes back from 1974! So cool. I was browsing the other night and there are a few recipes I'd like to try. Gotta be simple and appealing. Anything that's too "fancy pants" and I lose interest.
This site is very similar to in that you can change the serving size and get reviews.

Been a very rainy it's let up a little. Hope you all find some Sunshine today.



Corine said...

Thanks for sharing these sites. I too am always in search of great blogs....the Milk one sounds fantastic...I will go check it out.
Have a lovely weekend!

Kimmielovesparis said...

Thanks Corine. Enjoy!

Sabina said...

I'll have to check these out. Thanks!