Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine Anniverary!

Today is our Anniversary! We were married the day before Valentine's Day way back in 1993.

Funny last night we were at Kelsey's for supper and my DH told the waitress that it's our Anniversary weekend...and she asked how long. When we told her she was a bit surprised...seems now-a-days a lot of folks don't last past 5-10 yrs. We didn't tell her we've been a couple for 27 years.

We're going out for a special dinner at The Keg tonight.

It seems like only yesterday (don't I sound like an old-timer). I was so emotional (I guess I still am) and would cry at the drop of a hat...happy or sad tears were never very far from my eyes. Michael looked so handsome waiting for me at the alter. What people don't know is that when we knelt together in front of the church, I heard this crunching noise and I looked over at my handsome groom who nervously chewed on certs. At least he'd have fresh breath! LOL.

It was such a cold February weekend and we opted to take our photos with Vintage War birds in the background at the Warplane Heritage. We didn't really think of how cold the hanger would be. Everyone remembers freezing and my feet (in delicate pumps) were totally frozen by the end of the session.

We had a lovely dinner and dance. I remember feeling so blessed to have my family and friends sharing our day. It was a little overwhelming but it went by so quickly.

Next thing we were whisked off to Jamaica for a lovely relaxing Honeymoon. We arrived home a week later to find that my parents had worked hard all week putting our apartment together (cleaning and stocking the fridge), moving my bedroom suite and setting it up. When we landed in Toronto very late...the flights were all delayed due to the weather...there was a snow storm. We were driving home on the highway at like 3am behind a snow plow...when we got to our apartment the car got stuck in the driveway! We had to go up and get the winter clothes on and come back to dig the car out. It was like 6am before we finally got to bed.

One day, Mommy says "all we'll have it our Memories"...and Muffins. LOL.

Tomorrow we're going to a Christening for our niece, Abbigail (Abby). She's such an adorable little cherub. I got her a beautiful photo album...the cover has a vintage art of a baby and sworski chystals. It's very pretty...I hope they like it.'s been too long since I've posted. I will try and be better.



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