Saturday, March 28, 2009

The adventures of...

This work week has been brutal...the saga continues to beat me down...but I get up again. Wonder if it's me...or is it the can suck the life out of by Friday I am a puddle of mush. Not at all motivated to do anything.

I came home to an empty house and called the Hubban to see where he is...he was suppose to be home to take me out for dinner. I waited...he showed up and we went to leave and he passed me a key and can drive. As his car is Standard and I am vehicley challenged in that regard, I didn't understand till I looked at the key...not the Volkswagen key...and not my Honda key. I step out of the house to find this covertable sportscar in the driveway.

Holy Cow! I am not driving that...I tried to give the keys back...but he wouldn't take them. I finally put them in his pocket. No WAY! It's his friend's car...lent to him as they were out and about yesterday. It's a beautiful car and I would never drive it...for fear of breaking it or something. Don't get me wrong...I have a good driving record but I just don't like driving other people's expensive sports cars...just my rule.

So Hubban drove and we went for supper. I like it! I like it ALOT! Now my little 1995 Honda just doesn't seem to cut it. WAHHHH.

Oh was fun to go for a ride. But I told Mike...I'd have to lose weight and get a new wardrobe to own a car like that I think of it...I'd have to get a whole new attitute too. Funny how a car could do that eh? is Saturday and I am just chillin listening to my favorite on-line station...Coconut Groove Lounge on

Enjoy your weekend. They're over too fast.

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