Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Monday was the Family Day I went to the beach for a walk. The wind was cold but the sun was out and was warm. I stopped along the way to snap some pics. The beach looks much different than it would a few weeks ago. We've had a lot of snow this winter...but the major thaw and rain over the previous week washed it away.

They're forecasting more snow for today...I just hope we don't get dumped on again. We have a little front yard and run out of places to pile up the snow.

I am looking forward to spring/summer...I love going to hang out at Baranga's on the Beach patio when the weather is good. Usually meet the work gang there the first early close for summer hours...we get out 3pm on Fridays in July & August.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Must Sew List continues...

Here we are in the middle of February...but my thoughts are on spring and summer...of being able to sit out on the back deck and take in the warm breezes.
I was browsing the Vogue Patterns and found this simple ensemble...the shorter top & Capri pants are very cute and I could totally see wearing on a warm summer day. The top looks very easy to make, especially due to the cap sleeves and the pants would also go together very quickly.
I could see changing up the fabric, adding some pretty lace trim and you'd have an adorable pair of pj's. I will have to get this pattern for sure.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anniversary Valentine

Yesterday (Friday February 13th) was our 16th Wedding Anniversary. It seems like time has jumped ahead so very quickly, that I honestly do not know where the years have gone.

It was a brutal winter back in 1993...we had been hit with some wicked snow storms and we were worried that our guests might not come if the weather was poor. We lucked out that was cold but we didn't get more accumulation.

With our family and friends as witness we were married in the church two blocks from my home and then off to the old Warplane Heritage Museum for our photos. It was sooooo cold in the hanger that my poor feet were frozen (I had the cutest little shoes but needed boots). My poor wedding party were half froze as well. We had some great photos with the vintage aircraft as the backdrop.

Then it was time to party. We were whisked off in our limo to the hall for a lovely dinner, heartfelt wishes and a fantastic party. The night went so quickly and I was overwhelmed by all these people who where there for made my heart swell. I'd been told everyone enjoyed the meal and had a great time -- and that made me very happy. For our wedding favours and in keeping with Valentine's we gave little cherubs as a keepsake.

We took off to Toronto right after the reception for our flight to Montego Bay the next day. We had to be up in the middle of the night to be at the airport for 3 hours prior for International departures for our early morning departure. When we arrived...poor Michael was a little bit wound up...we went to meet with our transfer bus and the guy took our bags and put them on..when Michael got on and took them off...the guy reminded him...RELAX MAN, YOU'RE IN JAMAICA NOW. Poor Michael. He didn't unwind till we got to the resort and he finally chilled out with a nice welome rum punch. After we'd been there a few days...he was right in tune with the Island and it's mantra. We had a great time...we toured some old plantation homes...we did Dunns River Falls and even had a honeymooners Lagoon Cruise at night.

Back to reality...a new job...a new apartment...a whole new beginning...a new adventure.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kasey's Birthday!

Today my beloved kitty turns 16 years old.

I found this link to figure out his age in Cat Years...

He's 73 years old! But still thinks he's a kitten.

He has several names -- Kasey, Kaseykin, Lazlo Pea Chick, Chick-a-pea.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spring Inspiration

I was browsing the pattern sites for some new spring inspiration...I found a couple on Butterick that I am going to have to get.

I love jackets! I can't help it. And B5335 has a collar I adore. I like the t-shirt too and the capri pants.

This little jacket has lots of options and I am enchanted by the green version. Not only am I mad about this colour (and have some fabric in my stash this very shade) but the cute cap sleeves are adorable. I could see this little jacket with a little pencil skirt or a pair of capri pants.
The white view looks very nautical and would be perfect with a pair of navy trousers and a little striped tee tank underneath.

Today it's warmed up and everything is melting...but lets not kid's only February and this is Canada. I hope it stays about zero for a few days to help melt the piles and piles of snow we have.